Sun and Moon - Rangvas - 1
Sun and Moon - Rangvas - 2
Sun and Moon - Rangvas - 3
Sun and Moon - Rangvas - 4
Sun and Moon - Rangvas - 5
Sun and Moon - Rangvas - 6

Sun and Moon

Rs. 15,000.00

Inspired by the sun and moon, this artwork is bright, colourful and radiant. On one side is the fiery sun painted in warm hues of red, orange and yellow and on the other end is the moon depicted in refreshing, soothing shades of cool blues.

Creation Process:
It is challenging to create an oil painting and requires talent, experience and technique. This oil painting was created in various stages beginning with sketching and then adding multiple layers using oil paints. Each such layer takes upto two weeks to dry.
Acrylic paint is used to create texture on this artwork lending a depth and dimension to this painting. 
We use only high quality canvas and oil paints imported from USA.

100% Hand-made, Original, Abstract painting

Medium - Oil, Acrylic on Canvas
Shipped with black wooden frame

ONLY 1 piece available. This is an ORIGINAL painting. This is NOT a digital copy.