Are all products on your website original?
Yes, all of our products are original which means you won't find them anywhere else. Our designs are made in-house. We do not use digital prints in our artwork instead it is all hand-made and unique.

I like an artwork but I want it in a different size, frame, colour combination etc. Could you do that?
We could customise an artwork for you. Call us on +91 88266 97794 or drop us an email at support@rangvas.com. Please understand that since our artwork is hand-made and not a digital copy it is not possible to make an exact replica of a painting but we will ensure that it is as close to the original one as humanly possible.

How do you ensure quality of your products?
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Only the best of raw materials go into the making of our products. Each piece has to pass our quality test before it is listed on our website.

How long will my order take to reach me?
We ship within a day of receiving the order. We ship by FedEx priority overnight. So if you are ordering from India your order should reach you within 2 days.

Do you ship outside of India?
We are in the process of completing some formalities and very soon we shall start shipping worldwide. In the meantime if there are any products that you like just drop us an email at support@rangvas.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as we start shipping worldwide.

Can I sell my artwork on Rangvas?
We would love to take a look at your art. Drop us an email at support@rangvas.com with a few lines about your art, some sample images or a link to your website. Our creative team will review your art and if it is in tune with our style we'll take it forward from there.